Black Wonder 5000 Supercharges your soil!

Black Wonder 5000 Supercharges Rocky Soil!

Black Wonder 5000 Builds Topsoil and Boosts Plants

Healthy plants grow faster.

“2018 okra patch. The Okra grew 12 feet tall, I used a ladder to pick it.”
– Jones Abernethy Landscape Architect

Organic compost, natural fertilizers, soil enzymes to make plant food, humic and fulvic acids to boost seed, spongy polymers to hold water, root boosting fungi, soil bacteria, nitrogen-making soil bacteria, vermiculite, and gypsum.

Black Wonder 5000 = More roots, faster growth, less irrigation.

Thriving grass on dead sand with Black Wonder 5000

Black Wonder 5000 naturally contains:

Natural Organic Compost

Compost fertilizes soil; feeds plants; aerates soil and absorbs water to help plants resist drought.

Priceless Soil Enzymes

Break down minerals and organic matter to build plant food constantly. Consistent feeding makes plants grow faster. Soil enzymes recycle themselves.

Beneficial Root Fungi

Creates a virtual root spiderweb. Plants have better drought resistance and are more fruitful.

Nitrogen-Fixing Soil Microbes

Jumpstarts legumes to make free nitrogen. Black Wonder 5000 contains bacteria to inoculate legumes.

Valuable Humic Acids

Attach to plant roots and: Make plant food; Improve Soil Structure; Hold soil water; Help soil microbes grow; Decrease soil toxins.

Spongy Natural Polymers

“Super spongy” man-made polymers absorb many times their weight in water and food. Plants resist drought better and grow faster.


Improves soil drainage, aeration, and water retention, resulting in healthier, more robust plants with better root systems.


Provides valuable calcium and improves soil drainage, particularly important to tomatoes.

Mrs. Whaley’s Garden Charleston SC and Flat Rock NC

“Black Wonder 5000 is fabulous stuff!”

“Things have come together to make this garden shine this summer. Perfect amounts of rain, a Fertilizer called Black Wonder 5000, 2 helpful gardeners and the scary deadline of the Historic Flat Rock garden tour of almost 3 weeks ago. It’s just like painting a picture.” – Marty Whaley Cornwell

– Black Wonder 5000 is Ideal For –

Fruits & Vegetables

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Potted Plants
Athletic Fields & Golf Courses

We Mixed Black Wonder 5000 in our Potting Medium with the Hemp plants on the right. The Hemp plants on the left received the normal potting medium. – Lisa Powell, Powell’s Nursery. Holly Springs, NC

Bring dead soil to life with Black Wonder 5000!

Black Wonder 5000 locks in moisture, provides essential nutrients, grows more roots and helps plants flourish.

Supercharge my Soil

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